Our coaches

Our coaches have over 15 years coaching experience and are constantly pursuing education and growth in the CrossFit community.

This fitness journey leads to the discovery of purpose in life, of a better way of life…

Bryan O'Neil

Co-Owner/Head Coach

CrossFit is not a part time or full time job. It is my life. I love all of my athletes and love sharing my knowledge with them and helping them reach and surpass their goals!

Laura O'Neil

Co-Owner/Head Foundations Coach

Today, I have not only grown stronger, but have found a true love for sharing what CrossFit can do for everyone! I love seeing the changes in people from day one to their one year mark!

Malcolm Morales


My main goal while coaching/training an athlete is perfect movement. As CrossFit says “TECHNIQUE, CONSISTENCY AND THEN INTENSITY!”

Sam Favreau


I love that CrossFit can help to improve everyone’s day to day movements and that it is scalable for every athlete. I want to be able to help others improve their day to day lives.

On-Ramp Coaches

Ben Cannon


My favorite part of coming to Claddagh every day is growing with my fellow members as athletes and and learning to do things we never thought possible.

Madeline Grim


Everything about CrossFit is what I’ve been missing in my sports training and fitness journey my whole life. There is so much variety in movements and workout styles.