Coach Malcolm Morales

Malcolm MoralesMalcolm Morales

Coach Malcolm

CrossFit Level 1
USA Sports Performance

I found CrossFit on my first deployment to Iraq & was skeptical at first. My friends & I would follow the workouts whenever we had free time, but had no idea of intensity or how to do the movements well. Once back from deployment & on a regular schedule, we took time to study the movements & research more about CrossFit & was immediately hooked. I loved the idea of the training & making a person good at all aspects of fitness & not an expert at one. That was the same way I took my training as a Soldier.

Once I left the Army in 2013, I decided that I wanted to continue to help others achieve their goals through fitness. I received my CrossFit Level 1 and USA Sports & Performance certification & began coaching at various gyms around the area. Throughout my years of coaching, I have tried many programs/training methods & implemented these practices into my own programming. My main goal while coaching/training an athlete is perfect movement. As CrossFit says “TECHNIQUE, CONSISTENCY AND THEN INTENSITY!”


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