Memerships Options

At Crossfit Claddagh, we have a wide varity of memebership options. All memberships include Crossfit, Claddagh30, Mobilty, Barbell, and Open Gym.

Monthly Membership: No long-term commitment. Membership will automatically renew at the beginning of the next month unless 15-day notice to cancel is provided.

“Hero” Membership: For our heroes! Military, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors, & teachers. Proof of employment required. 3-month minimum. Membership will automatically renew after the 3 months unless 15 days notice to cancel is provided.

Student Membership: Proof required.

Family Discount: Immediate family of more than two, the third family member receives a $10 discount. Fourth immediate family member & any additional immediate family member receives $20 discount. Memberships will not be discounted below $115. Does not apply for those using a hero/student membership.

8 Visit Punch Card: Three-month expiration. On Ramp (fundamental) classes will count towards the 8 visits until On Ramp requirements are fulfilled.

Kladdagh Kids

Drop In’s always welcome!

*Auto renews – After three months of continuous membership, price per month is reduced to $135/month.
** Auto renews – After three months of continuous membership, price per month is reduced to $109/month


Unlimited Membership $159/month*
Hero Membership $128/month**
Student Membership $128/month**
8 Visit Punch Card: $120 (3 month expiration)
Kladdagh Kids: $50 Mo. ($15 drop-in). $40/child if more than 1 child.

Drop In: $20



My journey in the fitness industry began at a young age with youth sports. I continued with sports all the way up into college. When college was over, I turned to coaching at the youth and high school levels. But as satisfying as that was, something was still missing. I signed up for my level 1 seminar in March 2010 over an hour away in southwestern CT. After the weekend, I immediately became a student of CrossFit. I could not get enough! I started to shadow and assist a USA Olympic lifting certified coach who was also a Level 1 CrossFit coach. I helped him start a successful CrossFit and help mold his coaching staff. In March 2013 I was approached by a colleague who owned a gym in Boston and was looking to open a box.

I came into the gym with only about 40 members and was given managerial, programming & overall control. Within 6 months the box had 150 members! After 4+ years of coaching CrossFit and 16 years of coaching competitive sports and starting and maintaining two successful boxes for other people, it was time to do it for me!

CrossFit is not a part time or full-time job. It is my life. I love all of my athletes and love sharing my knowledge with them and helping them reach and surpass their goals!



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